Speed and scalability are critical when building new businesses. We focus on solutions and not on problems, while where many see disasters, we find excellent opportunities. Still, we track and use all the management techniques to manage the complexity of the external environment beneficiary, take advantage of the opportunities emerging in the new digital economy and network society and dynamically develop businesses. A holistic business transferring approach deploys levers and tools that have been effectively applied across a spectrum of circumstances to help companies improve performance and competitive advantage. We rapidly accelerate business building for established companies and operationalize business transfer by working with radical methods.

Underpinning our work are the following core tools:

We are mapping the under transferring SMEs sector.
We organize a transparency market (hype scale platform) to march and match preferences and provide potential sellers and buyers assistance.
We are measuring and managing the value of companies, building the internal-audit function of the future to recalibrate for potential long-term uncertainty and complexity.
We are designing the succession plan that ensures running businesses continue smoothly.
We enhance the business value by harnessing turnaround scenarios. In particular, we orchestrate full-scale restructuring and transformation programs.
We foster innovation in products, services, processes & business models to improve performance.
We design and build the Internationalization plan (extroversion support) of the company.
Confidentiality agreement.
We are operationalizing the value-driven agile blueprint by reconfiguring the Organization into small, cross-functional teams to optimize organizational factors.
Acquisition financing structure (bank loans, lines of credit, and loans from private lenders).
We perform the Due Diligence Report (the systematic way to analyze and mitigate risk from a business or investment decision).
We are offering memorandum: The document issued to potential investors in a private placement deal.
Indication of Interest (IOI).
Acquisition Agreement.

We're working alongside our ecosystem participants to solve their biggest challenges and empowering them with the playbook to Design, Build, and Scale new businesses.

CORTMA's —transfer of business— framework and toolkit: We set up and accelerate the data creation of the transferred Micro, Small & Mid-Corporate Enterprises' (MSMEs) ecosystem and actively support the fast-track ecosystem's development. We coded the relevant institutional framework and model the transferring process of business. We guide SMEs and corporations in transforming themselves to cope with new market conditions, reinventing the go-to-market, maintaining clean financials; current tax records, and implement better standard operating procedures. We assess and certify your business viability. We evaluate and maximize business value. We orchestrate robust business solutions, spot, highlight and communicate (promote) hidden business opportunities in large & relevant teamed audiences. We design, build and foster collaborations and implement meaningful action.