Acquisition agreements are a fixed element of the business life cycle and the entrepreneurs' life cycle. And the best transferring planning processes focus on insight, preparedness, and agility—not bureaucracy.

Acquisition of an established business is an alternative way of doing business and transferring business process associated with complex legal issues such as inheritance law, taxation, M&A due diligence, acquisition blueprint, valuation, etc. It is a long process that requires severe managerial practices. We help clients determine which sectors and functions offer the most potential based on a deep understanding of industry value chains and the underlying economics. We also help assess capabilities to execute a given transaction, determine what investors are willing to support, and identify sources of advantage relative to competitive offerings.

CORTMA, as an intermediary facilitator, has created a Business Transfer Standard and provides an integrated solution (unique Build―Operate―Transfer of business model) for the Organization and execution of an acquisition process. Our advisory team consists of business transfer, restructurings and change management Consultants, Accountants (tax advisors and certified auditors), Lawyers, Notaries and Bankers. This group is focused on the mutual benefits of those involved and actively supports the acquisition process until completion (implementation).

We listen to the market's needs; we spot and highlight hidden opportunities, understand the customer's needs, evolving services and technology markets, and our M&A blueprints reflect clients' unique competitive advantages and take the call and regulatory trends into account. There is no magic formula to make acquisitions successful. Each deal must have its strategic logic. In our experience, acquirers in the most successful sales have specific, well-articulated value creation ideas going in.

We guide you to all acquisition stages, including strategy and sourcing, due diligence and deal execution, integration planning and execution, and creating an M&A operating model.


Services to the Buyer

In brief on how we help prospective buyers

We have deep capabilities driving value from strategy to due diligence and deal execution to integration planning and implementation or divestiture during each phase of an acquisition transaction. In particular, we help clients to unlock value through capability building at scale in the following areas.

  • Sourcing, strategy and due diligence: We work closely with clients to create a clear M&A blueprint that accelerates their progress toward strategic goals. We help clients determine which sectors and functions offer the most potential based on a deep understanding of industry value chains and the underlying economics. We also help assess capabilities to execute a given transaction, determine what investors are willing to support, and identify sources of advantage relative to competitive offerings.
  • Measuring and managing the value of companies: At the crossroads of corporate strategy and finance lies valuation. From the budding professional to the seasoned manager to prospective investor, we excel at measuring and maximizing shareholder and company value, qualified on both core and advanced valuation techniques and management strategies.
  • Acquisition financing (support & consulting guidance at all stages of the process): Acquisition financing is the funding a company uses specifically to acquire another company. Approaching bank loans, lines of credit, and loans from private lenders are all common choices for acquisition financing.
  • Checking the health of your business partnerships (understand the core concepts of organizational health): In general, based on our observations and experiences in the field, frequent, systematic assessments of joint ventures and alliances can reveal hidden problems and opportunities to create more value.
  • Joint Ventures & alliances: We partner with clients to address the most critical success factors. We help clients shape the strategic rationale for the partnership and find the right partners. We also help them determine the desired outcome, measure progress, and adjust course, as needed, to align strategy, value, and goals for all partners.
  • Talent retention and selection in M&A: An organization is only as good as its people, as the adage goes. At no time is that more true than during a merger integration. Retaining critical talent and ensuring the right people are in critical roles are essential to a successful merger.
  • New business building: Corporate new business building is the top priority for organic growth at incumbents in the transition of the next normal. It can help companies diversify their revenues and keep pace with sifting customers and markets. Moreover, companies that prioritize business building tend to grow faster than their peers, respond with greater resilience to volatility and economic shocks.
  • Corporate turnarounds: we're operationalizing restructurings and wide-enterprise transformations. We have deep expertise in helping businesses harness the power of digital technology and analytics to improve their business operations and competitive position. We understand the power of digital to accelerate change, improve performance and create business value.
  • Growth: Generating and sustaining growth requires sales, marketing, pricing, and customer experience teams to change not only the way they work but also their mindsets. We help clients build marketing and sales capabilities to sustain above-market growth.

Our Offer

The company was born into an environment characterized by variability, understands adverse market conditions, created the Ecosystem of Transferred Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), learned to think systematically and developed the art of diagnosis, solving problems and business continuity. We offer practical Guidance and business information for MSMEs that can be accessed whenever they need it.

At CORTMA, we believe that the Organization is a business model, and this strategy is in our founding condition. Our mechanism embraces the future, encourages and cultivates entrepreneurial efforts and pushes them towards synergies, collaborations and mutual support. Simultaneously, we organize and facilitate contacts between stakeholders, ensure the two-way exchange (information) data and business transferring process's integrity, and empower them with the playbook in designing, building and fostering their cooperation and measuring alliance in actual enterprising conditions.

Our Approach

The transfer of business involves complex challenges. Our two-part approach (see the scheme below) deploys a comprehensive system that spans the entire business transfer. We do this by building capabilities and changing day-to-day mindsets and behaviours through a broad range of techniques, including digital and virtual programs, expert and peer coaching, on-the-job observation and feedback, reflection exercises, and simulations. This approach helps all stakeholders acquire new mindsets and skills, apply them in real work, and build new habits that drive and sustain lasting change.


Our Dynamic Pricing Strategy enables all Stakeholders to adopt a granular, precise, agile, and integrated pricing approach to succeed in the business transferring process by harnessing a combination of the following pricing tactics: Economic, Penetration & Premium Pricing.

By leveraging data and analytics, our dynamic pricing approach provides participants with accurate customer insights, competitive intelligence, and a single source of truth on pricing performance, seamlessly integrated into core business processes and systems to help pricing decision-makers set optimal prices to get the most value from every transaction.

We're working alongside our ecosystem participants to solve their biggest challenges and empowering them with the playbook to Design, Build, and Scale new businesses.

CORTMA's —transfer of business— framework and toolkit: We set up and accelerate the data creation of the transferred Micro, Small & Mid-Corporate Enterprises' (MSMEs) ecosystem and actively support the fast-track ecosystem's development. We coded the relevant institutional framework and model the transferring process of business. We guide SMEs and corporations in transforming themselves to cope with new market conditions, reinventing the go-to-market, maintaining clean financials; current tax records, and implement better standard operating procedures. We assess and certify your business viability. We evaluate and maximize business value. We orchestrate robust business solutions, spot, highlight and communicate (promote) hidden business opportunities in large & relevant teamed audiences. We design, build and foster collaborations and implement meaningful action.