Welcome to cortma.net, the online platform of CORTMA SA, a company based in Piraeus that offers various services and products. You can access our website cortma.net (we have also registered cortma.eu, cortma.gr, and cortma.com.gr as our domains) and our mobile and tablet apps by agreeing to our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy, which you can find here. Please read them carefully before using our platform.

If you have any feedback or complaints about our platform, please contact us at ctm@cortma.net. We will try to address your concerns as soon as possible, accordance with our values and ethics. However, your feedback or complaints do not create any legal obligations for us or affect your rights or responsibilities as a user.

Our platform is not intended for minors and we do not knowingly collect any personal information from them. Some of our services or content may be inappropriate or offensive for minors and we cannot monitor or control them all the time. We advise parents or guardians to supervise their children's online activities and prevent them from accessing our platform. If we discover that we have collected any personal information from a minor without proper consent, we will delete it immediately.


Cortma.net, the online platform of CORTMA SA, offers various services and products to its visitors/users. These include information, advertisements, communication tools, search services, mass user access, and more. By using our platform, you agree to follow our terms of use, which apply to all our existing and new services unless otherwise stated. You also acknowledge that our platform provides all information/services “as is" and that we are not liable for any issues or damages that may arise from your use of our platform.

Our platform operates under the laws and regulations of Greece, the European Union, and the international community, which you must respect and abide by. You must also use our platform in a lawful, ethical, and respectful manner and avoid any actions that may harm or offend other visitors/users or interfere with our platform's functionality.

Our platform does not pre-screen the content posted or shared by our visitors/users. Still, we and our partners reserve the right (but not the obligation) to reject, remove, or relocate any content that we deem inappropriate or violates our terms of use without prior notice.

2. Terms of Registration/User Obligations

To register for the services of the cortma.net website, the user/visitor must:

§ Provide accurate, complete and valid personal information, as requested on the cortma.net website in the relevant forms for accessing its content/services,

§ Update the cortma.net website promptly of any changes in their information and ensure that it remains accurate, complete and valid at all times.

The Company offers membership services to the users of the cortma.net website who accept the terms of use and complete the registration process. The user/member receives their registration confirmation through a unique hyperlink sent to their email address. The user/member agrees to these terms and acknowledges them.

The user/member is solely responsible for all activities under their password, username and account (user account). The user/member agrees to notify the Company immediately of any unauthorized use of their account or security breaches. The user/member is also solely responsible for using their account carefully and logging out of their account after each use (Logout). The Company is not liable for any harm or damage caused by the user/visitor's failure to comply with this clause. The user/member cannot delete their account once it is created.

The registration process is finalized by confirming the registration through the hyperlink.

Right to Object

The user/visitor has the right to object to the website and request the correction or deletion of their data or the deletion of their membership by sending an electronic message to the website's contact form and following the terms and privacy policy.

3. Operation of Services (Start/Stop)

The Company has the sole right, and the user/visitor agrees to stop or suspend the operation of the cortma.net website at any time, with or without notice to the users/members.

4. Subscriptions

The Company may occasionally offer Subscriptions for a certain period (“Subscription"). The Company has the sole right to set the terms for the Subscription and, as allowed by law, to cancel or change a Subscription at any time without any notice or liability.

You cannot end a Paid Subscription before the period you have paid for, and the Company will not give you back any money you have paid unless these terms say otherwise.

5. Limitation of Company Liability

With the help of technology, the Company tries its best to ensure that the services, content and options of the cortma.net website are delivered smoothly and without interruption. However, it is not liable if, for any reason, including negligence, the cortma.net website stops working or becomes hard or impossible to access or if, despite the security measures, “viruses" or other harmful software are found or transferred to the devices of users/visitors, or if unauthorized third parties (hackers) tamper with the content and operation of the cortma.net website, making it difficult to use or causing problems in its performance.

6. Disclaimer of Information Provided

The content and information on the cortma.net website are not from the Company. They are posted and shared on cortma.net by the users/advertisers themselves and they are solely responsible for them. The content and information are not reliable or valid and they do not mean that the Company wants you to do anything (such as buy/sell, transfer a business or other asset, etc.). The Company only collects, edits and posts the content of the cortma.net website, but it does not guarantee that it is accurate, complete or available. The users/visitors use the services/information of the cortma.net website at their own risk and they must check the information themselves.

The Company can, but does not have to, watch, check or change User Content. The Company can remove or limit access to any User Content for any reason, such as User Content that breaks the Agreements, as the Company decides. The Company can do this without telling you or anyone else. The Company decides if and when to remove or limit access to User Content, and it does not promise to do so for any specific User Content.

The Company is not liable for User Content, and it does not agree with any views in User Content.

7. Liability from Advertising

The Company is not liable for the content of advertisements (of any type and format) that are posted on the cortma.net website or for the user/member's contact with third parties who advertise on cortma.net. The Company is also not liable for any problem that may result from any business deal between the user/member and the third party.

8. Violations and Reporting of User Content

The Company may take action without warning the provider of any content that breaks these terms of use, is illegal or misleading if the Company is informed about it. If you think any content does not follow the Guidelines or is illegal or misleading, please fill out the form from the link on each page.

You are not allowed to do anything that may mislead users or harm our service. For example, but not only, you are not allowed to:

§ Post ads of companies, businesses or other professionals that are not active anymore on the cortma.net site.

§ Delete and repost ads on the cortma.net site or update ads without any changes to make them look newer.
§ Post ads of companies, businesses or other professionals without a price or a fake price (like €1) on the cortma.net site.

§ Post business ads where people hide who they are on the cortma.net site.

§ Post many ads of the same Company in the same or different areas to get more coverage on the cortma.net site.

If we find any of these practices or anything else meant to mislead the user, we will show the ads of the user/customer who did it. If we find them again for the same user/customer, we will hide all the ads on their account for 48 hours. If we find them a third time for the same account, we will hide all the ads on their account for 30 days.

The Company also tells you that if our quality systems find or someone complains about many repeated, different, misleading or inactive ads in the user/customer account, we can immediately remove the ads from the cortma.net site.

The user/customer can also comment on or report anything about any ad. For example, someone can comment, “Fake ad, inactive ad, wrong price, the ad is not theirs, etc."

This process will work whether the user is logged in or just looking as a guest. The comments will be sent to CORTMA immediately, and we will do what we need to do.

9. Intellectual Property Rights

The content and services of the cortma.net website, such as texts, ads, photos, live or virtual reality videos (VRC), plans, business and financial data, programs, files, logos, and layout of cortma.net, are owned by the Company and protected by Greek, EU and international laws on copyrights. The Company lets its users/visitors use them only for personal use. The Company tries to ensure that the content and information on cortma.net are true and correct, but it is not liable for how reliable or complete they are.

You are not allowed to copy, share, move, change, sell, make new work from or lie about who made the content of cortma.net. You can only use the content of cortma.net in any way or medium for business or other reasons if you have written permission from the Company or the owner of the rights. If you do anything you are not allowed to do, you may break the Company's intellectual/industrial property rights, and the Company may ask for any money or other things you owe it by law.

The user/visitor/member agrees and knows that the Company can make money (by itself or with others) from all the data on the cortma.net website.

Use of photos or videos in ads: The user/advertiser says that the images, live or virtual reality videos (VRC), trademarks, brands and other signs that they put on the cortma.net website are theirs and do not break or owe anything to anyone else's rights. The Company is not liable for the content of the photos, videos, trademarks, brands or other signs or for any problems that may happen with them.

The user/advertiser also promises to pay for any harm (including any costs, legal or other) that the Company may have from anyone else's claims that have anything to do with the photos, videos, trademarks, brands or other signs that they put and show on the cortma.net website.

10. Company Right – Duration

The user/member agrees and knows that the Company can stop their access to the services of the cortma.net website and the content and information of cortma.net if they break these terms. The user also agrees and knows that the Company can stop showing and posting any ad/advertisement on cortma.net if the Company thinks that the ad's content is misleading, illegal, false or offensive or goes against these terms of use. The Company can also stop the user/advertiser of that ad from posting or showing any other ads (of any type or content) on the cortma.net website in the future.

11. Links to Other Sites

Cortma.net has links to other websites that have their content and services. The Company is neither liable for these websites nor promises they will always work or be safe. If you have any issues with these websites, you must contact them directly, as they are the only ones who can fix them. The Company does not endorse or approve the content or services of the websites it links to, nor is it affiliated with them. The owner of each website is the only one responsible for any problems that may happen when you visit them.

12. Protection of Personal Data

The Company takes care of all personal data and information and the rules for collecting, using and managing the personal data of visitors/users/members of the cortma.net website. This does not include the relationship between visitors/users/members of cortma.net and any services the Company does not own or control. The Company collects personal data on the cortma.net website:

§ When the user/visitor signs up for its services,

§ When they use its services,

§ When they use the pages of the cortma.net website and join the advertising (or any related) programs. Each user must provide accurate and complete information and tell cortma.net if anything changes so that their information is always correct and up-to-date.

The user agrees and allows the Company, under laws 2472/1997 and 3471/2016 and the ones that are in effect now, to keep and use any personal data (information about their computer and their visits and actions on this website or linked apps ( like [their IP address, where they are, what browser and system they use, where they came from, how long they stayed, what pages they saw and how they moved on the website or linked apps), that the Company learns from the user's visit to the cortma.net website for these reasons:

§ to do what the terms and duties of the services that the cortma.net website gives to its users say,

§ to tell the user in general,

§ to tell the user about new offers, services, products, etc. (for example, sending newsletters, new offers, ads, etc.),

§ to meet the user's needs for the services that they can get from or through the cortma.net website,

§ to make cortma.net work well,

or anything else that has to do with these.

13. Payment

You can pay by credit/debit card to post ads and featured ads on cortma.net and to join live online events (workshops, webinars, tutorials, Q&A, coke). We accept Visa and MasterCard.

We will charge your credit/debit card after we check your information and ensure it is valid. The amount will be taken and kept when you confirm your order. To buy anything on cortma.net, you must follow the steps you will see there. You will have to give your credit card number and when it expires. You must ensure your credit card information is correct and accurate and own the credit card you use to pay.

We will email you the receipt when you finish buying. If you want to see your Member account, please go to cortma.net and see the “Transaction History" sections.

You agree to use the Special Service immediately when you sign up online for a Paid Subscription, Trial, Product/Service or Code. If you change your mind about a Paid Subscription or Code you bought online, you can get all your money back within fourteen (14) days (the “Withdrawal Period"). But you will not get any money back if you use the Service during the Withdrawal Period.

14. Security of Payments/Transactions

The Company does not keep any credit card details for security reasons, so you must provide your credit card details again whenever you buy something. When you give the credit card information that the terms of use of the cortma.net website ask for, you say that you can use the credit card legally.

The Company is not liable if someone uses your credit card illegally.

When you give your credit card information, you agree to pay the amount you paid for what you bought on cortma.net. If your bank or credit card company does not let your credit card payment go through for reasons like going over your limit or thinking it is fraud, you will not be able to buy anything.

The Company's Website will use the services of the Online Payment Processing provider that the Company works with to process your credit card payments.

The Company is not liable if your credit card is not charged or held because of a problem with the Online Payment Processing provider or the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Some examples of when the Company is not liable are:

§ Hardware or software problem with the Online Payment Processing provider. If the server that handles the requests of the Online Payment Processing provider does not work as it should because of a hardware problem (like hard disk, power, or memory failure) or a software problem, the Company will think that the Member did not join the market.

§ Lack of communication with the Company about the transaction. The Company does not know if the transaction was charged or held on a credit card correctly. The Company will think that the Member did not join the market. The Company may not receive the information because of a problem with the Online Payment Processing provider or the Internet Service Provider.

These are just some examples and not always when the Company is not liable.

15. Cookies

The Company uses Cookies on the cortma.net website to make its services more accessible and better. Cookies are small files (text files) that are sent and saved on the user/subscriber's computer. They let websites like cortma.net work well and without problems. They also let the Company know what the user/subscriber likes and who they are. They help the user/subscriber access the cortma.net website and improve the content. Cookies do not harm the user's computer or the files on it. The Company uses Cookies to provide the user/subscriber information and services on cortma.net.

§ Other companies, like Google, may show the Company's ads on other websites.

§ Other companies, like Google, may use cookies to show ads based on the user's past visits to the Company's website.
§ Users can choose not to let Google use cookies for ads here.

Cookies are needed for the cortma.net website to work properly and well.

16. Applicable Law – Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are the same for everyone and follow the Greek Law for the Company and its related companies. If any part of them is invalid or cannot be done for any reason, the rest will still work and be in effect.

If you have problems with how the cortma.net Website works or how you use it, you can try to solve them with the Greek body that handles these things, the Consumer Advocate.

You can find them at 144 Alexandras Avenue, Athens 11471, Email: grammateia@synigoroskatanaloti.gr, Website: www.synigoroskatanaloti.gr, Phone: 2106460862.

If you cannot solve the problem this way, the Courts of Athens will decide. The Greek Law will be used for any problem about what these terms and conditions mean, how to use them, or anything else about using cortma.net.

You can contact the Company's customer service for information about these terms. You can see how to contact them here.

17. Use of Services for Adults

These terms and conditions are part of the terms of use and the privacy policy on our website and are in effect now. By using our specific service, you also agree that:

§ You are 18 years old or older. You cannot use this service if you are not 18 years old. Our Company is not liable if you use the service against this rule. We can also take legal action against anyone who breaks the terms of use of our website and its services or any other rights we have.

§ You have not committed any crimes and are not trying to misuse our service.

§ When you use this service, you will legally use any personal information from other users and not use their personal information for anything without their explicit permission.

The Company reminds you to be careful when you share personal information. We cannot and do not have to check the users or the information they share through our services.

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CORTMA's —transfer of business— framework and toolkit: We set up and accelerate the data creation of the transferred Micro, Small & Mid-Corporate Enterprises' (MSMEs) ecosystem and actively support the fast-track ecosystem's development. We coded the relevant institutional framework and model the transferring process of business. We guide SMEs and corporations in transforming themselves to cope with new market conditions, reinventing the go-to-market, maintaining clean financials; current tax records, and implement better standard operating procedures. We assess and certify your business viability. We evaluate and maximize business value. We orchestrate robust business solutions, spot, highlight and communicate (promote) hidden business opportunities in large & relevant teamed audiences. We design, build and foster collaborations and implement meaningful action.