Buying a long-established company and build new businesses: The pairing that can ensure a long-term incumbent's survival

Around 450,000 European companies and 2 million employees change owners every year. Buying an existing business is an alternative way of doing business. It is often more profitable and significantly reduces the business risk compared to starting a business from scratch. In addition, the survival rate of successfully transferred companies is 96%, while that of start-ups is 75%. CORTMA's mergers and acquisitions consultants bring a strategic, value-creating perspective to every engagement to deliver fresh insights via an efficient, results-oriented process. Still, our mergers and acquisitions consultants and industry experts help clients search for and identify targets and handle change management during mergers and acquisitions.

We're working alongside our ecosystem participants to solve their biggest challenges and empowering them with the playbook to Design, Build, and Scale new businesses.

CORTMA's —transfer of business— framework and toolkit: We set up and accelerate the data creation of the transferred Micro, Small & Mid-Corporate Enterprises' (MSMEs) ecosystem and actively support the fast-track ecosystem's development. We coded the relevant institutional framework and model the transferring process of business. We guide SMEs and corporations in transforming themselves to cope with new market conditions, reinventing the go-to-market, maintaining clean financials; current tax records, and implement better standard operating procedures. We assess and certify your business viability. We evaluate and maximize business value. We orchestrate robust business solutions, spot, highlight and communicate (promote) hidden business opportunities in large & relevant teamed audiences. We design, build and foster collaborations and implement meaningful action.