I am a Seller!

Harnessing the coherent approach and strength of CORTMA’s solutions, you’re designing and building a scalable, investable company and ensuring a successful succession. Additionally, you gain direct access to solid relational databases and a range of specialized services, such as: consulting guidance at all stages of the process. We’re maximizing output efficiency and sharpen your value plan. We’re helping in enterprise-wide performance lift and certifying your business viability. We promote corporate Profile and sales information to large & relevant audiences via email alerts and live corporate online events: Q&A, Tutorials, Webinars, and Workshops. We search & checking the business health of potential buyers. Keep in mind that active & budding entrepreneurs, business executives, researchers, inventors, freelancers, investors, angel investors, marketers, etc., are constantly using the ecosystem data node in their quest to track projects.

I am a Buyer!

Take advantage of creating a User Account that will provide you with access to a range of specialized services, such as uninterrupted & timely information via email alerts and live corporate online events (Q&A, Tutorials, Webinars, and Workshops) for promising business opportunities presented. In addition, you gain access to key topics include the following: sourcing, strategy and due diligence; measuring and managing the value of companies; acquisition financing; checking the health of your business partnerships; Joint Ventures & alliances; talent retention and selection in M&A; corporate turnarounds (full-scale restructurings and enterprise-wide transformation programs), performance improvement (fostering the innovation in products, services, processes and business models); unleashing organic growth (increase sales & EBITDA) through the new business building (companies that prioritize business building tend to grow faster than their peers)—also, getting intentional about learning (ongoing business training).

We're working alongside our ecosystem participants to solve their biggest challenges and empowering them with the playbook to Design, Build, and Scale new businesses.

CORTMA's —transfer of business— framework and toolkit: We set up and accelerate the data creation of the transferred Micro, Small & Mid-Corporate Enterprises' (MSMEs) ecosystem and actively support the fast-track ecosystem's development. We coded the relevant institutional framework and model the transferring process of business. We guide SMEs and corporations in transforming themselves to cope with new market conditions, reinventing the go-to-market, maintaining clean financials; current tax records, and implement better standard operating procedures. We assess and certify your business viability. We evaluate and maximize business value. We orchestrate robust business solutions, spot, highlight and communicate (promote) hidden business opportunities in large & relevant teamed audiences. We design, build and foster collaborations and implement meaningful action.