Many entrepreneurs (assignors) often do not realize the problem of Business Continuity. Tired of day-to-day management, they lack an exit strategy and business planning, have great psychological difficulty, and are reluctant to leave and prepare for the business's transfer. In most cases, businesses are life creations. The founders attach emotional value to them and want to make up for their loss. However, the Buyer (transferee) is unwilling to pay such a price because it is not possible to transfer by the nature of this kind of value.

Only if the transferor has an emotional connection with the transferee (in economic terms: if his preferences partially cover the transferee's choices) can the loss of emotional value be limited. These mutual preferences can manifest between parent and child. There could be between the owner and Buyer if the two sides reach an agreement on a business and an emotional and psychological level. The outgoing owner needs assurances that his company is in good hands.

In the SMEs sector, in most businesses, the founder having a strong personality, formidable capabilities, and a long record of managing all aspects of the business often casts a lengthy shadow over younger generations. And in unexpected situations such as unforeseen problems, illness, accident, or death, lack of planning, and relevant mindset usually have dramatic consequences for the business's continuity. Meaningful action in cross-professional approach and assistance Set Up by a business consultant is needed. His deep understanding of clients' personal business objectives and organizational contexts offer critique, radical but valuable feedback skillfully, encourages tough decisions and reorganizes opportunities for action—support for emotional distancing and creative emotion restraint. Additionally, it needed the continuous entrepreneur's Guidance, an orientation plan on an exit strategy and transfer process in time, and leveraging the right tools to unlock value and take advantage of the business possibilities.

In mid-corporate companies exhibit different behaviours and performance. Transfer and business continuity are considered standard process in the business life cycle and based on a strategic exit plan with multiplier benefits.

We're working alongside our ecosystem participants to solve their biggest challenges and empowering them with the playbook to Design, Build, and Scale new businesses.

CORTMA's —transfer of business— framework and toolkit: We set up and accelerate the data creation of the transferred Micro, Small & Mid-Corporate Enterprises' (MSMEs) ecosystem and actively support the fast-track ecosystem's development. We coded the relevant institutional framework and model the transferring process of business. We guide SMEs and corporations in transforming themselves to cope with new market conditions, reinventing the go-to-market, maintaining clean financials; current tax records, and implement better standard operating procedures. We assess and certify your business viability. We evaluate and maximize business value. We orchestrate robust business solutions, spot, highlight and communicate (promote) hidden business opportunities in large & relevant teamed audiences. We design, build and foster collaborations and implement meaningful action.